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Soft Touch: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Belirtilmiş Tüm Renklere Uygulanabilir. Stone Look: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Tüm Renklere Uygulanabilir. Matte: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Tüm Renklerimiz Parlaktır. Matlaştırma İşlemi İle Renk Parlaklığı Alınmaktadır.
Thanks to the colours of Anthea Mini the smallest product of the Anthea Series, all spaces are lively.
Even if Anthea Single is mostly used for indoor spaces it can also be preferred in front of the window glass or as a planter fort the balcony.
Anthea Single draws attention at home and in the public places thanks to its different form.
Custom Design
UV Resistant
High Quality
Dimensions & Capacity
Amount Of Pumice (kg) 0,65
Amount Of Soil (lt) 4,5
Height (cm) 19
Volume (lt) 5,7
Water Tank (lt) 1,2
Mouth Gauge (cm) 24,5

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