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Soft Touch: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Belirtilmiş Tüm Renklere Uygulanabilir. Stone Look: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Tüm Renklere Uygulanabilir. Matte: Rattan Desenli Ürünler Hariç Tüm Renklerimiz Parlaktır. Matlaştırma İşlemi İle Renk Parlaklığı Alınmaktadır.
With Pico Angolo, the model that Vasso Smart Pot Systems’ s most preferred Pico Series your spaces will be more flashy.
With Pico Angolo’s 75 cm height, gives the user the possibility to show the plants more attractive.
Pico Angolo is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and commonly preferred for the lobbies of the hotels, tourist facilities, villas, indoor places like restaurants, municipalities, airports and avms.
Pico Angolo’s structure is suitable for outdoor planting and usage for places like balconies and verandas.
If your pot takes rain or affected by water during ourdoor usage, for not to disable the smart system the evacuation stopper that is placed under the pot must be taken out before usage. Otherwise the water

level will rise and plant roots will rot.

Custom Design
UV Resistant
High Quality
Dimensions & Capacity
Amount Of Pumice (kg) 3,5
Amount Of Soil (lt) 20
Height (cm) 75
Volume (lt) 90
Water Tank (lt) 7

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